Introduction to STAMP


STAMP is a collaborative network of faculty, research scientists, postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students joined in the study of a diverse array of tectonic problems. We work with researchers and groups across the U.S. and internationally, including recent work with scientists in Europe, China, and Australia. STAMP alumni have gone on to careers in almost every major geoscience sector- academia, industry, federal government, and beyond.

How we work

Research in STAMP typically involves field-based work and employs analytical techniques and approaches in both metamorphic petrology and structural geology. Our approach focuses on examining the chemistry and physics of earth materials to inform our understanding of tectonic systems through time. This work involves a variety of analytical methods, often complimented by experimental or computational methods.

What we believe

The STAMP group values independence, initiative, communication, curiosity, creative problem-solving, and collaboration. STAMP students chart their own course, working with advisors and mentors to identify research questions, interpret data, and communicate their results. Along the way, students have the opportunity to develop numerous professional skills relevant for their careers. We are driven to be well-rounded scientists, pursuing excellence in research, teaching, and service/outreach. Our group's wide breadth of research interests ensures we are always learning something new!